Error Code Range: 600-699

600 - UnknownLicenseActivationError

Unknown license activation utility error.

601 - LicenseActivityToolLoggingFailure

Activation utility failed.

602 - StartingRuleUpdateQueryTimedOut

Rule update has timed out.

603 - UnsupportedMigrationVersion

The migration does not support version {0}.

604 - ConditionMigrationFailed

Could not read condition xml. The root element is missing.

605 - TheLicenseActivationToolCouldNotBeFound

The license activation utility '{0}' could not be found.

606 - TransferDownloadLockCouldNotBeAcquired

Could not acquire the download transfer lock, try again.

607 - DownloadTransferAborted

Could not continue download.

608 - InvalidDirectoryConfigurationElement

Unsupported directory element detected. Please contact Laserfiche Support. Name='{0}'; Type='{1}'; Profile='{2}'

609 - ConfigurationMigrationError_MissingElement

Configuration file is corrupt, missing element '{0}'.

610 - Workflow8NotInstalled

Workflow 8.0 is not installed or the install directory could not be detected.

611 - RuleAutoNameFailed

A unique rule name could not be generated.

612 - CommunicationIdentityFailed

Unable to load certificate identity.

613 - InvalidStatusDate_NotValidDate

The Status Date is not a valid date.

614 - InvalidStatusDate_GreaterThan

The Status Date must be greater than {0}.

615 - InvalidStatusDate_LessThan

The Status Date must be less than {0}.

616 - InvalidStartDate_NotValidDate

The Start Date is not a valid date.

617 - InvalidStartDate_GreaterThan

The Start Date must be greater than {0}.

618 - InvalidStartDate_LessThan

The Start Date must be less than {0}.

619 - SecuredUserAlreadyExists

The user '{0}' already exists.

620 - FileBrowserNotEnabled

The Workflow Server does not have file browsing enabled.

621 - InvalidFileFilter

The list of file types must contain at least one valid file type.

622 - InvalidFileFilter_NotEven

The list of file types must contain at least one valid file type.

623 - InvalidFileFilter_Empty

The list of file types must not be null or empty.

624 - StartingRuleTypeMismatch

The starting rule being updated is of one rule type and the information being used to update it is for another rule type.

625 - InvalidWfxFile_MissingDesignerTag

The .wfx file is invalid.

626 - MigrationFailed_CouldNotFindRootActivity

Could not find the workflow definition xml in the file being migrated.

627 - InvalidWfiFile_MissingExportedWorkflowsTag

The .wfi file is invalid. It does not contain any workflows.

628 - LinkFailed_ConnectionProfileEmpty

Subscriber Connection {0} did not have any xml for repository {1}.

629 - RuntimeHostAlreadyInitialized

The workflow runtime host has already been initialized.

630 - RuntimeHostNotInitialized

The workflow runtime host has not been initialized.

631 - WorkflowRuntimeNotFound

Workflow runtime {0} not found.

632 - ScriptCalledFromDefaultAppDomain

ExecuteEntryPoints cannot be called from the default app domain.

633 - InvalidZoomLevel

The ZoomLevel {0} is invalid.

634 - ParentAlreadySet

The ActivityUI.Parent property can only be set once.

635 - DesignerScriptExecuteTimeout

The script has taken more than {0} seconds to run. Would you like to keep running the script?

636 - DuplicateRegisteredRepository

The repository {0} has already been registered.

637 - SessionReset

The session has been reset by the server.

638 - LargeDataColumn

Column '{0}' is returning a large amount of data: {1}. Consider using the Custom Query activity to exclude this column.

639 - InstanceAlreadyRunning

Workflow '{0}' did not start because an instance is already running.

640 - SubscriberUpdateNotRecent

The Workflow Subscriber has not sent an update in a few minutes. Check the subscriber error log for communication errors.

641 - PublishedFailed_ClosedWindow

Workflow '{0}' could not be published because its window has been closed.

642 - FailedToFindTaskExecutorType

Failed to find task executor type '{0}'. Name = '{1}', Task = '{2}'

643 - LicenseStatus_GracePeriod

The workflow service is in its grace period.

644 - LicenseStatus_Expired

The workflow service license is expired.

645 - LicenseStatus_NotLicensed

The workflow service is not licensed.

646 - InvalidLicenseVersion

Invalid license version.

647 - UnexpectedXMLWhileLoadingActivity

The Designer has encountered an unexpected {0} while loading the activity '{1}' from XML. The {0} has been ignored. Verify that the ReadProperties method is implemented correctly for '{2}' activities.

648 - FailedToTransferAttachedPropertyCollection

The Designer encountered an error while copying {0} from '{1}' to '{2}'. You may need to transfer this information manually.

649 - NonDocumentWaitingOnExtensionChanged

The wait condition has been canceled because non-documents can not wait on extension changes.

650 - ConditionEntryWasDeleted

The condition entry was deleted.[{0}]

651 - ScriptAssemblyCouldNotBeLoaded

The assembly '{0}' could not be found to load into the script app-domain.

652 - DataSourceRequiredToTestQuery

The data source must be specified to test the query.

653 - AttemptedToStartWorkflowRuntimePrematurely

An attempt to start the workflow runtime prematurely was detected.

654 - AttachmentNotFound

The attachment '{0}' could not be found.

655 - AttachmentFoundByIdInsteadOfName

Using attachment with name '{0}' since the specified attachment '{1}' could not be found. To resolve this warning republish the workflow with the correct attachment.

657 - StampNotFound

Stamp not found: {0}

658 - PageDoesNotHaveImage

The page does not have an image. The annotation must be placed on a page with an image.

659 - InvalidNumber

{0} is not valid for the '{1}' property.

660 - NotAListField

The field '{0}' is not a list field.

661 - FieldNotFound

The field '{0}' was not found.

662 - SharePointServerNotFound

The server '{0}' could not be found.

663 - SharePointListItemCouldNotBeCreated

The list item could not be created.

664 - InvalidResponseReceivedFromSharePointServer

Invalid response received from server.

665 - NoSharePointServerFound

No server is currently set.

666 - SharePointFolderCouldNotBeCreated

The folder '{0}' could not be created.

667 - NewNameWasBlank

The specified new name could not be used because it was blank.

668 - SharePointListItemCouldNotBeFound

The specified list item could not be found or was not set.

669 - SharePointListItemCouldNotBeDeleted

The specified list item could not be deleted.

670 - SharePointListItemWasNotCreated

The list item could not be created. This error is sometimes due to not setting required fields.

671 - ActivityIterationLimitReached

The activity's iteration limit ({0}) has been reached.

672 - ServerIterationLimitReached

The Workflow Server's iteration limit ({0}) has been reached.

673 - WebServiceAlreadyExists

A web service already exists with the name '{0}'.

674 - NotSupportedByWorkflowServer

The requested operation is not supported by this version of the Workflow Server.

675 - CertificateCouldNotBeVerified

The certificate could not be verified. Make sure the issuer is in the Trusted Root Certification Authority.

676 - NewOwnerWasBlank

The specified new owner name could not be used because it was blank.

677 - TrusteeMustBeAUser

The trustee must be a user.

678 - RequiresLF90OrHigher

This feature is only available when using Laserfiche 9.0 Servers and higher.

679 - UnableToFindConnectionProfile

Unable to find connection profile matching Laserfiche Server '{0}' and repository '{1}'.

680 - EntryWithIdNotFound

Could not find entry with ID '{0}'.

681 - EntryWithNameNotFound

Could not find entry '{0}'.

682 - RequiresWF90OrHigher

This feature is only available when using Workflow 9.0 Servers and higher.

683 - CanNotDeleteLatestVersion

The workflow '{0}' version '{1}' cannot be deleted because it is the latest version of the workflow.

684 - BPAlreadyRegistered

The business process '{0}' could not be registered because another process is registered by source: '{1}'

685 - DuplicateRoleName

A role with the name '{0}' already exists.

686 - EmptyRoleName

The role's name must be specified.

687 - BusinessProcessNotFoundNameId

Could not find business process '{0}'. Id= {1}

688 - MustConfigureWorkflowWebServices

The Workflow Web Services must be configured before publishing a business process workflow.

689 - NumberPercisionExceeded

Number fields are limited to 5 decimal places.

690 - NumberFieldOutOfRange

Number fields must be between -9,999,999,999,999 and 9,999,999,999,999.

691 - EntryTypeMismatch

The entry found at '{0}' was a document when a folder was expected. Using the document's parent folder instead.

692 - ExtraParameterReturned

The following output parameters were not expected: {0}. Refresh the parameters and republish the workflow to resolve this issue.

693 - InvokeSynchronizationDisabled

Synchronization disabled. The notification queue address is empty. Check the error logs for more details.

694 - InvokeSynchronizationDisabledOnServer

Workflow Server {0} does not support synchronization.

695 - BadBPConnectionProfile

Client features for business processes require a connection profile to a Laserfiche 9.0 Server or higher.

696 - NoBPProfileSpecified

The business process could not be registered because the business process profile was not specified.

697 - NoWorkflowInitiator

The workflow does not have an initiator.

698 - ParticipantCouldNotBeFoundFromValue

The participant '{0}' could not be found.

699 - ExpectedOutputErrorsNotReturned

The following output parameters were expected but not returned: {0}

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