Importing and Exporting

Workflow provides a quick way to transfer workflows and business processes between Workflow Designers: Importing and exporting.

Often organizations will use one Workflow installation to design and test workflows and another for production. Exporting the workflows from the design workstation to the production workstation ensures all the relevant "extras" are included with the workflows, such as their starting rules and/or business process rules, attachments, activity properties, e-mail servers, and/or data sources. When the workflows are imported into a different Workflow Designer, a wizard helps you ensure these components and the connection profiles are transferred as well. Furthermore, importing and exporting allows workflows to be shared between Workflow installations.

Tip: You can export workflows to C# Source Code files (.cs) for more advanced Laserfiche integrations.

Note: If you are upgrading Workflow 8.0 to Workflow 9.0, transfer workflows via the Migration Utility rather than exporting and importing.

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This documentation is specific to version 9.0. You can find the most up-to-date help files for the latest version at Current Online Laserfiche Product Help Files.

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